Sarkodie Is The Most Arrogant Artiste In Ghana – Radio & TV Presenter Doreen Avio

Media Personality Doreen Avio says rapper Sarkodie is the most arrogant Ghanaian artiste. During a discussion segment on Hitz FM early this week, Avio mentioned the rapper because of his disrespectful attitude towards the media.


She explained she had heard about the rapper’s attitude and also experienced it personally. The comment obviously irked Sarkodie’s fan base who decided to take her on.


“I was surprised when I went for DJ Mensah’s all white party in 2016. I talked to almost all the celebrities – Captain Planet, Keche, Akoo Nana, and so many of them at the party. It wasn’t a lengthy interview but just something short about the show. I thought that just because Mensah was his DJ, it was cool for him to say something brief about the party. When I got there and said I wanted to interview him, he just looked at me with his team and said he wanted to relax so he is not ready to do the interview,” explained the Joy News host to


“For me, I felt it was pure arrogance. I wasn’t expecting him to tell me everything happening in his camp but just something small about the party since he was there to have fun.”


Sarkodie, as usual hasn’t responded to Avio’s opinion.

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  1. Just because he denied you an interview. Go listen to #FreePress asshole

  2. Tomorrow you People will be saying shatta wale is disrespectful and your now saying Sarkodie is arrogant…….Unfortunately you People don’t know your work#Kwasias3mnkoaa

    1. Shatta take dash okreku martey kraa

  3. Pressure for fame, attention seeker that what you are. Fakers in the media.

  4. Just because he does not sleep around with you ladies,he is arrogant, smh

    1. Smh!!!! Another lady supporting this?? Do you live and move about with him?? #IRESTMYCASE

      FYI, Doreen is happily married

    2. Do know who is call arrogant @Lartey
      Doreen said Sark is the most arrogant musician .
      Have u heard any male presenter say such about Sark and mind u this is Africa where we only criticise people we are not kul with
      What has happen before Doreen is making such a statement @Lartey

    3. And u don’t want a lady to support this even “if” is the truth

    4. U guys are something else when it comes to ladies is always about sex. Don’t forget u have women in your family too

  5. Pls som1 sud help me out ,who is Doreen n whr does she work,aaaaaaa sarkodie is arrogant

    1. Aaaaaaa sarkodie is arrogant

  6. Sia, U know arrogant? Because he is not as others that u get them as mugu. Fuck u all gossip media’s

  7. Lol.. Y’all are funny! Fact that you’re a fan of him (Sarkodie) doesn’t mean you should be against a presenter’s opinion and go at her like you’re doing..

    HOLIT! Let me see by hands of those who have come into contact with him. •NOT seeing him far off at an event???

    1. Masa it’s pure lie that’s all

    2. He only denied her an interview and she goes round saying he is the most arrogant musician

  8. That is your opinion biaaaa

  9. Stupid girl 3y3 WO ya haimonto u

    1. Stop insulting de lady wat she is saying de truth

  10. Wat bout u, u ll ve done more dan dat,

  11. Am not surprised cos u not popular
    Media hype but be ur self don’t use Sark
    U see ur kakai face,John John John lady

  12. Who’s this girl I tot she is married….or ebe peer-pressure?

  13. U ar not serious. …to interview someone it is by false! !!!some of the media people dey talk too much! !!! I DON’T THINK FAR.

  14. She wanted attention and she had it.

  15. ekraa, we like him lyk that!!… Go bed, attention seeker

  16. See this one too? people should learn to understand that celebrity or not they re human too! For all u know, Sarkodie was truly tired, or better still was pressed to attend to himself in one way or another. If he had accepted ur request n dozed off as he was being interviewed or spoke anyhow out of frustration or tiredness it would hv bn another thing. No one cares abt wht u think any way…

  17. In Ghana anyone who tries to be confident in their profession is arrogant…#misconceptions
    People should try and also prove themselves and stop baseless criticisms

  18. Aaaaaa but where from this gal too kuraaa… She should kommot for there…

  19. What is Wrong with this multimedia peeps last week it was mzG and Mark okraku and today you doreen avio hmmmmm


  21. Foolish people leave #kingsark alone oooo nkwasiafo)

  22. Kumasi People are known for bragging so it’s can of normal for me.. King sark the ruler

  23. Herh Sark,if u sleep sleep.don’t mind the haters ok.still waiting for the day i will set my eyes on still remain the best African mc…

  24. We all like sarkodie but wat de Lady is saying is de truth

    1. Yes that guy is arrogant
      Me, I use to like him
      But bcus of his arrogant. .I do no more

  25. This is not about fame bia
    Is a fact……that guy has turn to something else
    The sac I use to no haz really change. ..

  26. See oooo you guys dey complain sey shatta wale b arrogant? Really
    Yes shatta wale started like that and we all no shatta wale to b like that… wat of SARK?
    Sark use to b kull guy but……

  27. To be honest guy is too knowing?

  28. It’s never true. I was with him for days and we board same flight abroad. Nothing shows he’s arrogant

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