Sarkodie ‘disgraces’ Shatta Wale: Get familiar with these 4 wicked punchlines and analysis of ‘Oofeetsɔ’

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From the application of inferential logic, one is right to conclude that Sarkodie teamed up with Prince Bright of defunct music group (Buk Bak) on “Oofeetsɔ” song with Shatta Wale in mind.

For almost every line in the song is aimed at Shata Wale for obvious reasons. Like stated in our previous publication, the lyrical content of a song of this nature should be analyzed, assessed, diagnosed and critiqued to the understanding of all music enthusiasts irrespective of ones IQ.

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To understand the song better, let me start with the recurrent theme of the song.  “Oofeetsɔ”, a Ga language, which means “You are Overdoing It”


Listening to the song, all that Sarkodie is trying to communicate is that someone in the person of Shatta Wale – application of inferential logic- is hating on him.

To the best knowledge of Ghana’s Artiste of The Decade who’s in the person of Sarkodie, Shatta Wale thinks of him anytime he wakes up and throughout his whole day looking for ways and means to cause havoc in his camp to satisfy his parochial interest.

Below are four punchlines employed by Sarkodie basically to dim the arrogance and evil thinking of Shatta Wale clearly explained by Ghana’s Realest Blogger, Adu Sarpeah representing

 #Punchline 1:

 “Abi dem figa say we no go do, ebi now we do am na skin pain”, to wit, they said we can’t do, but after actualizing it, they are now hating.

To make you understand why Sarkodie employed the above verse, it could be recalled that Shatta Wale in an interview on Hitz FM prior to Sarkodie’s “This Is Tema Concert” passed a lot of demeaning comments about the show.

Thus, deep inside the heart of Shata Wale, he wanted the show to flop, but it was more than success. So, Sarkodie is saying that they (with Shatta included) said he can’t do, but he has made it happen and now the same people are hating.

#Punchline 2:

“We be critical thinkers, nea woreyɛ no nnka me coat na aka me shirt”.

Simply put, Sarkodie wants Ghanaians privy to the fact that he’s sounder and mature in thinking as an artiste than most artistes especially Shatta Wale, therefore, it’s impossible for him to get distracted by the antics of Shatta Wale.

#Punchline 3:

“The devil always wants to see me in pain”.

Here, Sarkodie described Shatta Wale as devil who’s always looking forward to seeing him in pain!

#Punchline 4:

“Me abrabo no, ɛda n’anim sɛ laptop”.

Hehehe, Sarkodie is making it emphatic that Shatta Wale thinks of him anytime he wakes up looking for ways and means to cause havoc in his camp to satisfy his parochial interest. Y’all know that Shatta Wale mostly talk about Sarkodie whenever he gets the opportunity to be interviewed on either radio or television.

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