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Coming from a not soo good background and rising to be the highest paid and most popular artiste in Ghana now, it’s evident of the

fact that hardwork truly pays. Sarkodie born Micheal Owusu,29 and a multifaceted rapper by all standards with 3 albums to his name.

His emergence into the Ghana music scene started in 2008 when he rejected a job at an advertising company to chase his love; Music.

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In 2010, Sarkodie had several colloborations and won lots of awards for himself, the most notable among them was Artiste of the year

2010 at the Ghana music awards, most popular song of the year in 2012 with ‘U go kill me’, BET International act 2014 winner, 2013

Vgma artiste of the year, National youth achievement award in music 2012, and several others. The list goes on and on.

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I do not want to focus on his hit songs and awards but to draw an attention to this issue which is very important. Accusing fingers

started pointing at Sarkodie all because he had grown too famous and become very rich just some few years into music, and behind the

minds of those accusing fingers, Sarkodie had joined Illuminati, a so called secret society, a dreaded cult believed to have the

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power to control the world and also bring fame and fortune to its members. These rumours became soo strong and Sarkodie and his

managment came out to debung the claim several times on any media platform, they could get. It was a frustrating experience for the

artiste and to prove that he was no member of the alleged secret cult, he released a song to talk about it “Illuminati” a song which

was followed by a $90,000 music video for itshot in Dubai.

Listening to the lyrics of the song, he was talking about how people are saying he is an illuminati, and why he would never trade his

soul for success and fame. I believe, you also remember the lyrics of the song and fortunately for him, the song that was just

supposed to be a reply to his critics went ahead to win several awards , Best directed video, most popular video, best hip hop video,

overall best/most influential artiste, all the 2013 4syte music video awards. The song also won Best rap/hip pop song at the

Indepedent awards this year and also Hip pop song of the year at VGMA 2014. The eyes of his critics popped out in surprise when they

intended to kill his career with allegations of him being an illuminati member rather propelled the artiste to a much higher level.

Sarkodie is just unstoppable.

We’ve heard Obidi’s collaborations with African artistes and some Ghanaian based Uk Artistes like Sway and Fuse ODG. Nigeria’s P-

Square went international when they did a collabo with Akon and came out with the hit remix “Chop my and we saw them doing

“Beautiful Oninye” with Rick Ross. 2 face from Nigeria also did a collabo with T-pain. We’ve heard that of D’Banj and Snoop Dogg, and

soon Wizkid is going to release a song he’s done with Chris Brown and Rihanna. The point am making is that, Nigerian artistes are

selling themselves globally and that is one why the many reasons their music is much better and being played more on MTV Base and Channel O because, they don’t let anything stop them, they are fearless, they don’t care what you think, it’s their success they after. Sarkodie was nominated for BET in 2012 and he won, and nominated again in 2014, being the only Ghanaian artiste who has ever being nominated at BET. Driving my argument safely home, Sarkodie is known in the whole of Africa and some parts beyond Africa but he

needs that little push. His endorsements he’s had with brands like Samsung, Fan Ice and partnership with Tigo has pushed his brand name. Now would Sarkodie have that courage and forget the critics and collaborate some more songs with

international artistes in the US? I am concerned because,some Ghanaians are putting the young man’s ultimate success and dream in the

gutter with their baseless and unfactual critics that he is an illuminati. Why do we hate success as a country like that?

You know how Ghanainas are, some have the believe that some of these big world stars are also illuminatis, so if Sarkodie trys a

collabo with Lil Wayne or say Jay Z, then he will be confirming their claim that they were right all along and he is really an illuminati. Sarkodie wants to win the Grammys and it appears an ultimate for him because he keeps mentioning them in his songs, “On my way to Grammys”. For someone who has denied that he is not a member of illuminati, would he have the courage and do a collabo with these so called supastars who some believe are also illuminatis should the chance come up? Would Sarkodie follow his dreams or just listen to some critics. Sometimes, i fear that day will never come, because if say it happens, it means, his connections will increase, more shows for him, more fame and hence more money, and he will definitely love to buy a bughatti, and if he does, the people will say again “aah, didn’t we say it, we thought he said he in his illuminati song that, if he had joined illuminati, like wont he be driving a bughatti”

You can mention 5 Nigerian artistes who have collaborations with top artistes in the US, and yet we cannot say same for Ghana except for Fuse ODG and Sway but these people are not Ghanaian based artistes and we are the same people who say that Nigerian music is better than that of Ghana, but how can our artistes soar high like the eagle if the higher you climb the ladder of success, it will be attributed to joining some secret occult group. He is able to flow well both in the local dialect Twi and English as well. He needs to get more collaborations with top artistes in the US to get there, and to especially grab the Grammys before these Nigerians take it all, because they haved moved ahead of us too far in music. Let’s forget this illuminati bullshit, and let Sarkodie be.

Perhaps, you share in my sentiments or do not, please do comment below with what you think, i will be glad to read them.


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