Sarkodie Returns A Favour;Hypes Manifest’s Music Video On Twitter

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Manifest has dropped the official music video for his single ‘Azuma Nelson Flow’ which was released in December 2017. We thought there was not going to be a video for the song but the godMc dropped the visuals for the song on July 19, 2018.

At the time the song was dropped, some people were of the opinion that, it was a ‘diss’ song for Sarkodie although the song actually eulogizes the nation’s illustrious sportsman, Azumah Nelson.


People were not wrong when they assumed it was a ‘diss’ song because Manifest still took a swipe at Sarkodie when he suggested that; “Ebi awards we go chop”—Fans of Sarkodie had always tried to compare the godMc to Sarkodie by marking their achievements and they always used the number of awards Sarkodie has won as a rapper as compared to those Manifest who claims to be a godMc has won.

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But in a recent tweet, Sarkodie has commended Manifest for putting out such great visuals for his ‘Azumah Nelson Flow’.

Yes, Manifest may not have received an invite from Sarkodie for his wedding that happened over the weekend, but he’s gotten a pat on the back from the King of Rap and the ‘Kanta’ rapper with the tweet he made, which would obviously be seen by his huge following.

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Sarkodie tweeted and attached the link to Manifest’s music video as seen below:

Well, at least this proves that Sarkodie has gone past their beef and has nothing against Manifest likewise Manifest as well. Recall also that sometime in March, Manifest tweeted Sarkodie’s ‘Wake Up Call’ song and applauded him

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Watch Manifest’s Azumah Nelson Flow Video below:



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