Sarkodie seen in the gym with Ghanaian business mogul Prince Kofi Amoabeng having a vigorous session

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Sarkodie has been was spotted working out in the gym with former UT Bank owner Prince Kofi Amoabeng.

The rapper and Prince Amoabeng both shared a photo of themselves looking exhausted after a long workout at the gym on Twitter.

Sarkodie, who frequently documents his workouts on social media, appeared to be copying Kofi Amoabeng’s form for the majority of the movements.

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Kofi Agyabeng appeared healthy and in good condition, demonstrating that he continued to exercise even after leaving the military.

Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng (Rtd) recently emphasized how incorrect it was for the Bank of Ghana to decide to shut down his financial organization. According to Mr Amoabeng, the money spent on UT Bank and other institutions going under in 2017 could have been used to save the local bank.

“I still maintain that it was a wrong decision for them to collapse it. I wasn’t even the CEO at the time. Ghana is now going for a bailout, and we couldn’t bail out a successful company, but I am saying it depends on the kind of reports that went to the authorities probably it was mixed with all sorts of negative things which were not true.

“A bailout was necessary because if a bank owes the government about GH¢800 million and you use GH¢2.2 billion to collapse it then that money could have been given to the bank for it to restructure under your supervision and let them pay over a period of 5 years’.

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“All the banks in the US that were bailed out in 2008 have all paid up and are now strong again,” Mr Amoabeng said on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday, February 20.


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