Sarkodie’s Email Has Been Hacked & The Person Is Asking His Contacts For Money

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Wouldn’t it sound weird to you, to receive an email from the best rapper in the country asking you to loan him some money, because he is broke?
Well, if you happen to be one of those people who had received such an email, just ignore it, it’s not coming from the Rap King, Sarkodie.
The BET Winner’s email address has been hacked by an anonymous person and that person chose to send emails to all of his contacts asking them, to help him (Sarkodie) with some cash and promises to pay back.
Sarkodie got hint of it and has tweeted it asking people to be aware and pay no heed to the email circulating. We are confident, the necessary changes has been made now, so the hacker does not cause any more harm.
See his tweet below


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