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If there be any measure or definition of an ideal hip, then i will certainly use this woman as a vivid example. Yes, she’s got something, almost every man desires, the hips and the booty. Joycelyn Dumas is not only gifted with just hips, but she’s got talent, beauty and brains as well. Joycelyn, is a fines actress and tv presenter, whoose beauty is admired by many and her hips has raised lots of arguments in the past as to whether they are real or fake. Some pundits insisted that she wore hip-pads just to deceive her, and in other to prove to those people that her hips were all natural, she wore an all see through dress to the 4syte 2013 music videos awards. Several others like John Dumelo and D-Black have come to her defence saying that, they have actually had the chance to see those hips uncovered and that size was very much accurate.

Now you can really through her dress- no hip pads, soo real

Now it almost seems, like every man really admires the rare shape of Joycelyn Dumas and the latest to join the quege, with lusting eyes popping out and admittedly proclaiming, that he’s been admiring Joycelyn’s Gargantuan hips and ass is Chase, one of Ghana’s best R n B singers. He wouldn’t said so, but after been pushed almost into the gutter  to tell her favorite sexiest female celebrity on an interview he had with Radio Univers,

He revealed Joycelyn Dumas is my favorite, i am an ass fetish

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Well, if Yvonne Nelson has had some bit of more meat on her backside, Chase am sure would have choosen her as his favorite, because they are good friends, as Chase also came on the defence of Yvonne Nelson when she was accused of bleaching her body.

He also mentioned on the show that, he will be launching his album “Unappreciated” on the 26th of July which has got songs like Survivor, Pull me Down, Dance for me, Crazy Love, Lonely, Cookie, Crazy Love and Don’t cry when I’m gone.

Trust your favorite entertainment website to bring you more exclusives news after the launch of the album and a review of what we think about the album.


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