Say What? Shatta Wale Gets In The List Of Forbes Billionaires?

shatta wale billionaire

Oh yeah, if there is any artiste who’s hobby is music, then we all can point Shatta Wale. The African Artiste of the year at the NEA and Vodafone Artiste of the year chooses to express all of his thoughts and feelings in music.You remember the time he was releasing songs on a daily basis? If you follow his songs, you would realise how easy it is for him to jump onto any beat and make something with it. Yeah, when you become that big, even if you sneeze on a beat and cough throughout, you are sure to get people going crazy about it.

In one of his latest songs he released recently  titled “Billionaire” he talks about how money chases him. He calls himself a billionaire, and he’s heard saying that continuously in his song.

“me ya billionaire, mi fans make me billionaire”

He gives credits to all his fans and makes mention that, the fans have turned  him into a billionaire.
Well, i was happy to know Shatta Wale is now a billionaire, it then means, he will be listed in the new forbes list of billionaires across the world. I kept wondering how much he was worth, because he’s played at most of the big shows, and he’s made lots of money in the last 2 years.

Unfortunately, Shatta Wale is not a billionaire as he’s made us believe in his song. Well, it depends on the kind of billionaire we talking about. Jay Z, Kanye West are even not billionaires. I am not disputing that, he canot be a billionaire, of course it’s good to have an artiste from Ghana who will be a billionaire tooo. When Shatta Wale said he was a billionaire, i am pretty sure he was talking in terms of the old ghana cedis and not the new currency we use or the dollars. Well, he could be worth some 200 billion cedis in terms of the old currency, which is Ghc20 million. Well, Shatta just over-rated the currency, so perhaps he is a billionaire when we talking in old currency but in terms of the new currency, he is a millionaire and not a billionaire.

I just hope, i have cleared some doubts, and in case he reads this, he doesn’t get angry. Who knows, he might just release another song “On mi way to Billionaire” lol…… We still love his tunes right? I have got the everybody like my tin as my ringing tone!

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