Say the truth- Shatta Wale dares Sarkodie and asks him to tell Ghanaians why he often puts him on the blast

Shatta Wale has clarified his bitter-sweet relationship with Sarkodie and asked him to spill out the truth before he goes off on him again with his signatory trademark.

Sarkodie while on a media tour in South Africa disclosed that he’s yet to understand wale because they often have a friendly vibe on phone and the next minute he’s on radio insulting him.

He summed up his character as crazy and that is the point of reference for Wale when he was also interviewed recently.

However, took exception to his statement and said he should tell Ghanaians why he’s always under his skin.

Shatta further told his colleague not to use certain words to describe him. He pointed out that Sarkodie’s words paint him in a bad light, even if that wasn’t the intent.

“When he talks like that, somebody will think that Shatta is a mad man. You see, we don’t make statements like that. It’s crazy if Sarkodie can just make a statement like that. It looks like he doesn’t even know where he is. He doesn’t know what he is doing because you shouldn’t even voice out like that.

“I can also go out and say Sarkdoie sleeps with any girl he sees. I can also say that, but do you know what people will think of him?”

Shatta Wale revealed that Sarkodie may have made those comments because he has refused to work with him.

“I have sat with you and spoken business language with you. I’ve had plans that I’ve called you because I felt we could use the numbers we have to create something. If you can talk, say it well. Say it proper. Oh, Shatta wants to discuss something with me, and because I have not made up my mind, sometimes he feels I’m not ready. So he goes on social media. I will understand because sometimes I reach out to him to discuss business with him, not even music, and he doesn’t give me ears.

“And I’m like not that I need you to come and do anything for me oo. I just want us to make money together,” Shatta revealed on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty recently.



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