Say What? What Shoe Did Akoo Nana Wear To A Fashion Show? GOOGLE Has Noo Idea

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As a blogger, we sometimes tend to go deeper into the lives of your favourite celebrities. It’s not our intend to make them look bad in anyway, it’s just that, that’s what the job demands and that’s what celebrity pop culture is all about..

 On the 14th June, 2015, the Fashion Icon Awards was held at the Lifestyle Gallery and some few celebrities  were there. The like of Akoo Nana, Irene Logan, Selly, Big J Cartel, Smile Baba were all present at the award ceremony.
It’s a fashion award show and as expected, anyone coming to an event like that, needs to bring their fashion swag along, but Akoo Nana decided to leave his at home-he’s not a Fashionista.
It was incredible seeing Akoo Nana wore a long white sleeve shirt with the inscription “Don’t Happy, Be Worry”  written on the shirt over some togo-like shorts and some really weird sneaker.
It was as tho, he had just been released from prison and that was the finest cloth he could find to wear to a whole Fashion Show.
Inquisitive as I am, I wanted to know what shoe he was wearing, because I overheard one of the boys saying
“Ah! Chale, Akoo Nana’s Shoe looks like the shoe Kwasi bought from Kantamanto the other day oo”
Hearing that, I got curious and tried to take some shots of the shoe without him knowing, just so I can later google the brand name of the shoe to know where it’s coming from.
I googled the brand name  which is “Njssebie” but had noo results from the world’s most popular search engine “GOOGLE”.
akoo-nana-shoe copy
After finding out, the shoe is unknown, the expression on my face was like this smilie >>😳😳😳😳😳
Akoo Nana At Fashion Icon Awards
Akoo Nana At Fashion Icon Awards
Well, we love Akoo Nana, he’s given us some great tunes and this does not in any way affect his height, or the way he sings. We just thought, we should let you know that, it’s ok to wear a shoe that is unknown and that even the celebrities do that. Life Is really interesting!
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