School authorities should never embarrass students who owe school fees- Joeboy recounts past struggles

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Joeboy has opened up on his past struggles in a recent interview with media personality and lawyer Chude Jideonwo.

The singer who was nurtured by Mr Eazi used the moment to remind school authorities never to embarrass students for not paying school fees as happened to him.

Joeboy recalled how he was embarrassed in secondary school on several occasions he owed fees. His mates ridiculed him and made him feel worthless but now that he’s famous and relatively wealthy, they are now reaching out to him.

He recalled; “Some Challenges on the way, maybe you fail some exams, maybe you owe school fees. Like there was one part where it was school fees, yea. That thing was so embarrassing, I need to say this on camera to schools. I don’t know whether they still do it but if a child owes school fees, don’t call the child out and say you’re owing school fees, just tell the child not to come to school.

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There’s one other thing they used to do, they used to flog the child for not paying school fees. The child doesn’t have money now, so I need to put that on camera for anybody that owns a school who is watching this, do not embarrass the child because he is owing school fees.

So it was really embarrassing for me at that point because I think it affected my esteem too at that point because, I remember one incident, I was in JS3 because they used to come to this class to name people that owe school fees.

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So before they even said anything, people were like Aminfewa Joseph, so I still remember till today and I still get those guys for mind, yeah. And they’ve tried to reach out to me, I just ignore them like why are you talking to me? They might not have meant it but e pain me.”


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