School Girl Ordered To Smash Her Phone By Teacher After Breaking School Rules (+Video)

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A viral video circulating online shows a school girl smashing her phone after she was ordered by her school teacher to do it for breaking school rules.

This incident happened in at a school in Nigeria called Federal Girl’s College In Akure and the girl in question is seen using a stone to smash the phones one after the other.

Most schools in Ghana and abroad prohibit students from using cell phones on campus because it is believed these students will be distracted by it. A typical example is the video of some SHS students who were twerking during school hours. If these students didn’t have access to their phones during at school, they will probably not have the crazy idea of recording themselves.

Reacting to this, some social media users felt the punishment was too harsh.

Others also didn’t see anything wrong in allowing the students smash their phones after breaking school rules.

Do you think the method employed by the teachers were too harsh?

See the video below and share your thoughts with us;

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