School is a scam, yes! – Media personality, Danny claims

A Twitter influencer Danny Ajebo has stated categorically that school is a big scam in a new post he shared online that has attracted maximum attention.

He said wealth and power do not correlate to education which is why a lot of people who never made any mark for themselves academically are doing so well, especially those involved in internet scamming.

He shared thus;

“When you see a young man buy a G-wagon, do you ever think “Oh he probably got a 1st class in school”? Nah. First thought is he’s a yahoo boy —because we believe education can’t get a young man wealth, that’s how you know school is scam!”

See reactions below;

@mr_oladele_ – School is scam but you all go to hospitals when you get sick. School is scam but you all go call lawyers when you have legal challenges. Lol.

@UgwunnaEjikem – 1) There’s a reason you put “young man” there and not just any man.
2) The opposite of ‘luxury’ is not ‘scam’. G-Wag is luxury in any context & for anybody including Elon Musk. You don’t find it littered around Alaba & Ochanja cos “biz men”
In summary, School. Is. Not. Scam.

@_fuadayo – A reasonable amount of the youths will still believe education got him the G wagon.
Me inclusive

@ogeriidam – School is not scam In any way, even if school may not fetch you the cash you expect, even when you venture into business, you’ll be different from everyone else


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