Scrap Talented Kids Because The Kids Are Just Not….

Tv3’s talented Kids has a gained a huge reputation and has forged a sort of telepathy with the youth. I strongly believe if they come across this write up, they might feel really disappointed. But honestly watching them every Sunday, season in and season out and having made my overall evaluation about the show, I hereby call for the show to be suspended immediately and substituted with a cartoon instead.

Before I proceed further, let me commend TV3 for the wonderful initiative – a show aimed at unearthing talents and giving platforms for young kids to share with the world their amazing gift bestowed on them by God. If not for the fact that the show is ‘free to play’, I would have advised all the kids to bring their money to me and let me take the time to define what talents actually means.

Must I even define talent to substantiate my posture? Well to illustrate, let’s take a look at Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who personify modern football. There are lots of players playing in different leagues all over the world. They try to optimise their performance for their club daily but none of them come close to the depth of talent the duo have.

Messi and Ronaldo’s craft puzzle many, including teammates and opponents. They dazzle and take one’s breath away with their outrageous and rare abilities. The conclusion? That is the definition of talent. They both possess the natural ability to ply their trade so well.

Majority of these children, right from the audition to the main show exhibit gross unintelligence yet they are presented to the world as the core of the talent that we have in Ghana. Some of them do not understand the concept of the show and in the company of adults (who know very well the kids do not embody the show’s concept), go ahead and pick forms just to come and put up theatrics.

The various forms of talent the children put up during the main show even fall short of a talent show. Lots of the things they do can are very common and can be done almost every kid on the street. Four years ago I watched some talent shows organised in other countries and I became speechless by what I saw. The first one was from America which I watched on the Oprah Winfery show. I saw one karate boy, almost four years old, hitting and breaking objects held at different positions whilst blindfolded! There was this other boy who could play great tunes with the piano with his back facing the instrument. Is that not amazing? This is my definition of talent. Many kids can’t do that.

This notwithstanding, I have seen a handful of the performers from the very first edition to the present one who have really excelled and fall within my realm of expectation; Awal being one of them. It was the time we all hailed Sarkodie as a rare phenomenon and this teenager came to the program and was able to replicate Sarkodie to the fullest.

Some of these kids come to recite poems, act play and sing songs in terrible voices and they label it as talented kids?

Maybe we should get a different name for the program that will reflect what the contestants come to portray during the show.

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