Scrape the voting system and give the awards to those who deserve it – Sista Afia to award scheme organizers

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Francisca Gawugah known by the stage name Sista Afia, the Ghanaian singer and songwriter, has called on award schemes organizers to scrape the voting system and be brave enough to give the award to deserving artists.

According to her, they sometimes have to forgo the voting system and give awards to artistes who truly deserve them.

In her opinion, she made mention of the fact that the works of too many female musicians are overlooked and don’t get the awards they deserve and this deters others from towing the same path all because the voting system will not favor them.

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In a post on Facebook, the singer stated that over the years many artistes especially females are robbed of deserving awards because they do not have a huge fan base to vote for them.

“Last year, Sefa was everywhere, is the industry saying if she doesn’t buy vote (airtime) she won’t be awarded? Scam. She held a successful concert in HO and myself together with other musicians were there to support the event. Yet they will go ahead and pick someone else. As if women don’t matter in awards, pathetic,” she wrote.

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“Gyakie, this girl def need to pick up something at least from VGMA. Y’all can’t say you didn’t see her win from every angle. Both locally and internationally. Sometimes f*** (sic) the ‘vote for your favourite artist by using this shortcode’ and give the award to who deserves it,” Sista Afia continued.

I know sometimes it’s difficult setting up award events, dealing with artists managements and the stress in seeking for sponsorships, after all that stress, you want to make money too cos you don’t want your hustle to be in vain, that’s fine and understandable.

However, the thievery shouldn’t be too obvious. Yes it happens everywhere but sometimes sit down, assess issues and be brave to award who truly deserves it one love

Post below;

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