The Second Coming of Jesus Happened Long Time & True Prophets Must Have Dreadlocks – Ras Kuuku

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Ghanaian Rastafarian, Ras Kuuku has stated in an interview he recently had with Berla Mundi of GH One fame that he strongly believes the second coming of Jesus Christ, one of the most anticipated guests, has already occurred.

Speaking to Berla Mundi on her show, the Raggae/Dancehall artiste said that Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie’s life on earth was indeed the second coming of Christ as believed by almost all Rastafarians.

Kuuku claims that Haile Selassie’s words of wisdom saved the black race from evil and cited his triumph over white slavery/colonization in Ethiopia and Africa as a vivid example.

The ardent Rastafarian also revealed that the oldest version of the bible originated from Ethiopia, from which his philosophy about religion originates.

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When asked about his perception about God, Ras Kuuku opined that God is a black man whose real name is Jah. He went further to say that true prophets of God must have dreadlocks and cited Samuel, Abraham among as others as examples of prophets who kept dreadlocks.

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