Secular music is not evil – Gospel musician Noble Nketsiah

Gospel artist Noble Nketsiah has responded to allegations that secular music promotes sinful behaviour.

According to him, such presumption is false, and listening to secular music does not make one a more sinful person.

He emphasized that the meaning behind the music is the most important thing to consider.

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This was the singer’s response to the topic of whether or not he would include a secular musician.

“The whole thing is I have to be in the same spirit before I can work with you. And we have to agree on what we want to do.

Music is a spirit. So, if the heart is not good, we won’t obtain a good impact. But then, I always want to do a song that has a positive impact on people’s lives, as I’ve done over the years.”

Noble Nketsiah pointed out that not every gospel artiste is a good person. He said, “The fact that people do secular songs does not make them bad. It’s the heart that determines who you are. There are so many people doing gospel music with bad character or motive.”

He continued to elaborate on why just being in church does not absolve a person of their evil intentions.

“We are sitting with so many mad people in our various congregations. Until the person’s insanity comes out, you can tell. And we’re all not perfect beings. The reason we are in church is for God to work on us. You become perfect the day you die. That’s when God completes perfecting you.

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“Until we are dead, day in and day out, we encounter situations that make us fall into sins. Nobody is neither perfect nor holy. We are so many in the church. However, not everyone is correct,” he told Larry “Da Oldman” on Onua FM’s Anigye mmere entertainment and lifestyle show.

The evergreen singer is out with a new album titled “The Christ”, with timeless songs like “Me Yonko”.



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