See how Princess Shyngle reacted to someone who created a page to defame her on social media (screenshots)

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Lots of people have one way or the other expressed their dislike for others. While some pretend to show you love and stab you in the back, others are so bold to tell you in your face that they dislike or hate you.

This is the case of Curvaceous Gambian actress Princess Shyngle.

The tiny waist model took to her Instagram page to share a picture of someone who created a page called “we hate princess Shyngle” and wondered how someone could hate her.

According to Princess Shyngle, she is aware most people didn’t like her but she didn’t know people could hate her so much to the extent of creating a page on Instagram to show the level of disdain.

She added in the post that, she prays that whatever is hurting the person to go that is extent is stopped and that God should heal the person.

The beautiful actress got a lot of sympathy from her fans who encouraged her to remain strong.

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