Sex Tapes! What Every Woman Should Know

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Sekz tapes have sprouted lately and have practically become the conventional fabric that hung loosely on today’s youth. Honestly I find it totally absurd for a woman to allow herself to be filmed during sex. It’s always been the idea of their male counterparts, who as it always turns out to be, become anonymous when the tape leaks. Lots of females say they do it on the bases of love. What kind of stupid love will make you think with your heart instead of your head? Even if you legitimately married, filming your lovemaking has elements of consequences. There is absolutely no justification in recording your sex which is supposed to be sacred.

The statistics behind sex tapes in 2014 alone is frightening. It illustrates the level of the decadence we have reached. [highlight color=”red”]To refresh your memory, here is a recap of some them:[/highlight]

A young man popularly called ‘Atopa Doctor’ lured girls into his abode and had sex with them whilst videotaping it. His escapades went viral on social media. People mocked him and renamed him ’30 seconds’ for how quick he ejaculated when he had sex with one girl called Benedicta Yeboah.

Then all the way in the Northern Region, Tamale to be precise, one Mr. Khamil Abu Wemah caused outrage among the indigenes of the land, including the chiefs when he released nude pictures of himself and the numerous women he fucked. He was declared wanted by the chiefs because he had caused sacrilege. Sensing danger, Mr Khamil fled back to Canada where was domiciled. Some of the women in the sex tape also went into hiding.

Then came in Itz Tiffany. She and her boyfriend called Frank fucked and recorded it. The video came in segments. The rapper and mother came out to say it was her boyfriend who leaked and the video and not she as it was speculated.

Later in the same year, there was another sex leakage involving an incumbent minister’s son who was said to have bonked the daughter of the Vice Chancellor of University of Ghana. The scene was at the back of state 4X4 car.

The following year a limping photographer in Akyem Begoro bonked 64 women in his studio and recorded it. In fact I could go on and on to cite several of these sex tapes that got into the public domain. In all these instances, the women become the victims since we hardly see their male counterparts. Some of these tapes were actually leaked deliberately whilst others were done as a result of carelessness.

Despite the re-occurrence of this trend, girls don’t learn from it. The influx of technological devices have helped advance the evil intent of people who take delight in releasing these sax tapes.

Girls should be smart and know that no sane man whose faculties are inhabited by good conscience will propose that you record your lovemaking; such a man doesn’t genuinely love you. If you go to a man’s room for sex, make sure you scrutinize the room to detect any hidden gadget aimed at recording your intimacy.

Once your sex scenes become a public property, it ruins your reputation forever. It takes people with strong psyche to move on with their life. If your partner insists you record your sex sections to prove your love or to safeguard your relationship, quit with him immediately. Once you go ahead with his proposal, you become the object of their blackmail and manipulation forever.

My fellow women shine your eyes.

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