Serwaa Amihere Is Trolled By Netizens For Asking If The Questions Asked At The NSMQ Were Taught In School

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Award Winning broadcast Journalist, Serwaa Amihere has once again been dragged to the cleaners by Netizens after she asked a very simple question.

The annual National Science and Maths Quiz was brought to an end today with Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School emerging as the winners for the sixth time.

In a thread on Twitter, Serwaa Amihere who was amazed at the “difficult” questions being asked during the competition wondered if these were the same topics treated in school.

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As typical of Ghanaians she was teased and laughed at for asking the question. Some said the only thing that was taught in school was “running soap and water” referring her back to the time she goofed big time on live TV when she was advising the general public to stay hygienic.

One person by name Mixture even asked her if she (Serwaa Amihere) thought the quiz was about wigs and makeup.

Indeed, social media is a place that can get you to commit suicide if you are not strong enough.

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Serwaa Amihere has been trolled so much that she has become used to it and developed a tough skin not to get swayed by the negative comments she receives from people.

See her post and the replies she got below;


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