Serwaa Amihere jabs a social media fan who asked if she was a journalist (Screenshot)

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Social media is constantly becoming the hub for insults and trolls. Among users and celebrities alike all suffer this menace but some are able to withstand and troll back while others just let it go.

GhOne Tv’s News Anchor Serwaa Amihere didn’t take it lightly with a social media user who quizzed about her profession knowing exactly what she does; a move to get on her nerves and probably inform her she wasn’t too good to be what she is now.

It was earlier reported of an attempted coup by three persons in the name of Dr Frederick Yao Mac-Palm and Mr Ezor Kafui, a local weapon manufacturer and Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu who were arrested on Friday at the Citadel Hospital, at Alajo and another location at Bawaleshie near Dodowa in Accra.

Serwaa, sharing the information in a tweet, laughed out at claims by information ministry saying, there was no way the suspects could have overthrown the Akufo-Addo led administration yielding such minimal weapons.

But an unhappy netizen wondered why someone who calls herself a journalist would be doubting security intelligence and quizzed if she is indeed a journalist.

“Are you a journalist?” he asked.

In a quick reply, Serwaa Amihere said: “No, I’m a footballer”.

See screenshots of their convo below:

🔥‘ "My friend told me she's okay that her boyfriend has a sidehick when I told her my boyfriend was cheating on me---- what should I do?"👇 👇

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