Serwaa Amihere Rejects 20k To Stay Indoors – Says The Money Is Not Enough

GHone’s Serwaa Amihere has got netizens talking and wondering why she rejected 20k just to stay indoors from Dec. 17th to Jan. 10th saying the money is too small for such sacrifice from her.

The enjoyment minister DBlack posed the question on Twitter asking whether anyone will be able to stay indoors from Dec.17th to Jan. 10th for gh20,000 cash and the replies from tweeps is just amazing.

Serwaa Amihere joined the conversation on Twitter but then rejected the money saying it’s too small for her to make such a sacrifice to stay indoors for that long just for gh20k which means she won’t do that.

Serwaa Amihere didn’t give reasons for her reply but we believe she would make more than the 20k offered if she goes out to work hence why make such a huge sacrifice just for 2ok which she might get more than that if she went out.

screenshot below;



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