Seth Curry Age: How Old Is Steph Curry’s Kid Brother?

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Seth Curry age and how age has helped him in his career.

NBA basketball player Seth Curry is presently suited up for the Brooklyn Nets after leaving the Philadelphia 76ers in 2022.

He and his older brother Steph Curry, a two-time NBA MVP, are both renowned for their accurate shooting.

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He has had a standout NBA career, and a big part of that success has been his age.

In this article, we are going to discuss not just Seth Curry’s age, but how his young age has played a role in his NBA success.

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Seth Curry’s Career Beginnings

Seth Curry
Seth Curry
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Seth Adham Curry, an American who plays for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, is a professional basketball player.

Before transferring to Duke, he played college hoops for one year at Liberty University.

He is the younger brother of NBA player Stephen Curry and the son of retired NBA player Dell Curry.

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In terms of three-point field goal percentage over his career, he is presently fourth in NBA history.

Curry was not selected in the NBA draft of 2013.

He entered into a non-guaranteed deal with the Golden State Warriors on August 23, 2013.

After playing in six preseason games, he was eventually waived by Golden State on October 25, 2013.

Since his career’s beginning in 2013, Seth Curry has played for several teams including; Memphis Grizzlies (2013–2014), Cleveland Cavaliers (2014), Cleveland Cavaliers (2014), Phoenix Suns (2015), Sacramento Kings (2015–2016), Dallas Mavericks (2016–2018), Portland Trail Blazers (2018–2019), Philadelphia 76ers (2020–2022), and Brooklyn Nets (2022–present).

So what is Seth Curry’s age today? How old is he?

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Seth Curry Age

Seth Curry Net Worth

August 23, 1990, was when the Brooklyn Nets star was born. As of this writing Seth Curry’s age was 32 years old. He turns 33 in August 2023.

How has age helped Seth Curry in his NBA career?

Seth Curry’s age of 32, which makes him relatively younger, has benefited him in a number of ways throughout his tenure.

He has had more opportunity to hone his abilities and gain experience, first and foremost.

He has become the player he is today thanks to his ability to learn from his errors and develop his skill over time.

Additionally, he has been able to keep up his health and stay injury-free, which is important for a competitive athlete.

Age has also benefited Seth Curry by changing his outlook on the game.

He has grown older and his technique has become more methodical and patient.

He knows how to use his experience to his benefit and appreciates the value of communication and teamwork.

Seth Curry also has a distinct edge as a shooter because of his advanced age.

Players frequently lose some of their agility and speed as they get older, but they can also improve their shooting accuracy.

Seth Curry has been successful in utilizing what is referred to as the “veteran’s touch.”

With a percentage of over 45% from beyond the hoop in the 2020–2021 season, he has developed into one of the league’s most reliable three-point shooters.

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Seth Curry
Seth Curry

Seth Curry’s performance as a professional basketball player has been greatly influenced by his age.

Age has improved his knowledge, patience, and accuracy, and he has been able to escape some of the pitfalls that younger players frequently encounter.

It will be fascinating to see how Seth Curry’s age continues to influence both his game and his career as he plays at a high level.


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