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You’ve heard their songs, and perhaps one of them is your favorite.
Davido and Wizkid are probably the Biggest music artistes below the Age of 25 in Nigeria now.The constant argument amidst fans about who is better has sparked a lot of controversies on Blogs,threads and forums.

I cannot categorically tell which one of them is better but i Will like to just state this few Things.

1) Davido and Wizkid are both extremely talented and gifted in the art of Music making.

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However,kudos must be given to Wizkid for writing his own songs, Davido is practically enjoying others people Shine ..we all know Wizkid ‘s Maiden Album “Suoerstar ” cannot be compared to Davido‘s OBO album in terms of good music, sales,acceptance and awards.Talking about Post album songs, all Davido’s post album songs are stolen songs. Is it Password, Gobe which he stole, or B red’s, One of a Kind and the Latest Aye which he stole from Runtown?? We are not even sure whether skelewu was not stolen as the dance step was stolen from dammy krane gbetiti dance .

Till date, Nobody has accused Wizkid of stealing their songs, from his Azonto,to On top your Matter, Bombay ,One question etc,everything is purely Wizkid hard working mind that writes and supplys us good and not stolen Music..

2) Most People accuse Wizkid of being Pompous. Yes he might be but Davido is certainly more pompous than WizKid. He labelled himself OBO,sang about his fathers wealth all the time, dealt with a taxi driver,fought an immigration officer and went bazzukas when his name was not included in The Forbes top ten richest artistes in Nigeria. When wizkid won BET, the  guy celebrate small,see Davido day happy like say na World cup. Yes wizkid is human, calling a fan broke may be harsh but we know some Nigerians are fools and can say silly things at times..
How many Times, Davido didn’t throw money at the crowd Eh? And he like his fans right?? Smh

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3) Wizkid is better at free styling and taking choruses more than Davido.Take it or Leave it .Is it the Nonsense Davido did with Omo mummy and Kalo connect you people call freestyle See wizkid azonto,tease Me,dont dull ,zombie,lowkey etc.wizkid Chorus Chai,too sweet, Davido is good too,but Second to wizkid..

4) Wizkid wants the progress of others.He signed Lax and immediately featured him on the smash Hit Caro and also ensured a high class video For his smash Hit “Ginger “…he signed Maleek berry,dr frabz and Legendary beats.. Look at Davido HKN,B red.danagog,deekay,sina rambo careers are all sloping down the Lane.He hardly gives proper promotion to their songs,low cost videos and he feeds them with rejected shizzi Beats.
what a Pity.

5) Wizkid made it on his own.Funded and supported by Banky W while Davido sat down and ate off his Father’s wealth and scandals to promote himself and his songs.

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6) Someone said Wizkid is monotous?? You and I know that Wizkid’s music touches a wide range of Topics, Is it Spiritual ( Hear Oluwaloni ,eledumare, thank you), inspirational ( Joy,oluwaloni),old school( one question,jaye jaye ) ,many love songs and Party jams. What else do you want

7) You know that , you don’t have to even argue about this one. It’s a known fact. Am not saying, the dude is not handsome, but someone will certainly be more than you. Wizkid is far handsome than Davido, you can chuckle for all i care.

Wizkid is better than Davido, Period! Have you got any objections? Comment them below and we will put it in our next post. Do you also want to compare any two artistes in Ghana or Nigeria? Send us an email at


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