Shame on you- Social media users roast Pappy Kojo for telling Yvonne Nelson WMT at Medikal’s concert

Pappy Kojo

Rapper Pappy Kojo has drawn backlash from social media users for his baseless criticism of Yvonne Nelson. Due to their continuous conflict, the Ghanaian musician provoked controversy at Medikal’s show by going on the attack against his former close friend.

He not only made his old friend Yvonne Nelson even more antagonistic, but he went one step further and threw obscenities-filled slurs in her direction.

Fans are disappointed by this unexpected attack and are wondering why Pappy Kojo did it. Many question if he was just trying to attract attention or become more well-known by singling out Yvonne Nelson for attention throughout his performances. Not to mention, he made jabs at Keche, with whom he has been at odds on social media for a while.

Pappy Kojo’s beef with Yvonne Nelson and Keche explored

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Pappy Kojo recently made fun of the actress in November, saying he was going to show everyone how petty she really is. The reasons behind the rapper and actress’s breakup are yet unknown, but they once shared a close relationship.

Contrary to claims that he was to blame for the deterioration of his relationship with Yvonne Nelson, Pappy Kojo has denied any wrongdoing.

He revealed that it was the actress who disappointed him, leading to his ongoing pettiness towards her. Pappy Kojo made these statements during an interview with TV3, where he also discussed the reasons behind his consistent teasing of Yvonne Nelson on social media.

Also, at the Eat Drink Festival in Accra in October 2023, Keche took the opportunity to expand their ongoing feud with Pappy Kojo. During their performance, Keche Joshua initiated the attack by urging the audience to inform Kojo that ‘his mother’ is being talked about. Andrew, Keche’s partner, also joined in by using a string of derogatory remarks against Pappy Kojo while performing.

Keche Joshua recently expressed his displeasure towards Pappy Kojo for making derogatory remarks about them on social media.

Due to this rationale, Pappy Kojo did not hold back when he took the stage at Medikal’s concert. He expressed his thoughts candidly towards those who had previously targeted him, giving them a piece of his mind. Pappy executed this retaliation simultaneously against Ms. Nelson and Keche.

Meanwhile, watch Pappy Kojo’s antics at Medikal’s concert.

Ghanaians react

Most netizens did not hide their disappointment with Pappy Kojo for his incessant on Yvonne Nelson without any provocation. Here’s what some of them said:

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