Shameless couple who could not wait to get home found doing this in their car- Watch

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A couple who could not suppress their burning libido has been spotted in a viral video doing their own thing at the back seat of their car along a busy street.

The unidentified couple whose sexual urge apparently spiraled of control while in the middle of a journey, suddenly packed to satisfy each other at a car park near a place that looks like a mall.

The man suddenly got busy on his woman as he gave her strokes of what was between his thighs while the lady moaned in pure ecstasy and adrenaline. The video has since caused a stir online.

Watch the action below;

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Video of a man ϝιɳɠҽɾιɳɠ his lover while they were travelling by air has assumed centre stage on the internet presently.

The clever couple achieved their sexual fantasy in a way no passenger had the slightest idea what was happening.

As shared by blogger Van De Maestro, the man placed his hand between his girlfriend’s thighs, parted her pant, and got down to business while shielding the activity with what looked like a cardigan.

The woman on the other hand loved the sensation her man was giving her and could be seen moaning silently and clutching onto the other arm of the man in pure ecstasy.

Watch the video below;


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