SHARE AN OPINION: Would You Kiss Your Own Daughter/Son Passionately In A Movie? Pascaline Edward Once Did To Her Cousin

Filmmaking, as it is widely said, is a world of make-believe – however, whatever an actor portrays in a movie, should actually be a true reflection of reality.

An actor is a person who inhabits characters. Captured in another sense, actors are like ghosts, always looking for bodies to inhabit and act. So, even if you are not a drunkard but you are casted to play the role of a drunkard in a movie (or in a theatrical performance), you must live and act out exactly as drunkards do in real life.

By this logic, it means if you are an actor and you are casted for a movie and you accept the role, you have no excuse but to act as required by the script and visualized by the director.

Veteran actress, Pascaline Edward, once revealed with her own bucal cavity that she had a deep kiss with her cousin. Pascaline made this strange revelation when she was interviewed on ETV’s Late Night Celebrity Show on Friday 7th Feb, 2014.

She actually made that confession when the issue of kissing in movies came up in their discourse. It was at that point that Pascaline Edward revealed that she kisses very well and that she once kissed her own cousin.

How possible? And who was that – the host of the show asked, only for Pascaline to reveal that her cousin is celebrated actor, Majid Michel. “So far I’ve kissed two men passionately in movies, Fiifi Coleman and my cousin Majid Michel” Pascaline revealed.

Asked how she did it and felt at it, Pascaline said, “Well, I kissed him well but it is not real. The viewer sees it very real but to me, as much as it was very deep, I felt nothing” Pascaline added. When queried for exhibiting incest tendencies, she justified: “I did it for the money. Why, because he is my relative I shouldn’t have done it? It’s my job!”

In Ghana (and in most parts of the world), having romance or canal knowledge of one’s close or same blood relation is considered an abomination. So today, the topic I bring on board for our discourse is, would you kiss your own mother, father, brother, sister, etc. in a movie?

Can you look into your own sisters or brothers eyes – eye ball to eye and kiss passionately in a movie? Can you look into your own father or mother’s eyes – eye ball to eye and kiss passionately in a movie? Would you look into your own son or daughter’s eyes – eye ball to eye and kiss in a movie? Let’s hear your opinion because it matters on this subject. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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