Sharing Your Relationship Problems On Social Media Ruins It – Dzifa Sweetness Advises Couples

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Dzifa Sweetness

Relationship and sex coach, Dzifa Sweetness has advised that the youth to stop advertising their relationship problems on social media in the guise of getting sympathy from strangers.

Discussing the power of communication with Adwen the Love Doctor on another exclusive episode of In Bed With Adwen, she observed that in the past, when couples are having issues in their relationship or marriage, they only sit outside their house performing household chores while singing songs to shade their partner.

According to her, this method previously used by the older generation was very effective because in the long run, they would talk about their issues and even have great sex to climax the situation; however, things have changed drastically with the current generation.

“The youth have replaced communication with social media. Instead of them to sit with their partners and talk when an issue is at hand, they would rather take their phones and the next thing you know, the issue has been posted on social media. As soon as you read it, you’ll know it’s a shade directed at someone,” she said.

Dzifa expressed that this, in her opinion, is very childish, stating that she does not see why social media should be one’s resort when having relationship issues.

The sexpert advised that there are a lot of people out there looking to buy others’ relationship problems just to add fuel to the fire, hence the youth should desist from selling their relationship problems on the internet and instead learn to communicate with each other.

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