Shatta Michy Talks About Why She Does Not Like To Leave Her Son With Her On & Off Boyfriend Shatta Wale

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Shatta Michy, baby mama and  On & Off girlfriend of Shatta Wale has disclosed in an interview with Joy Prime’s Mzgee that, she tries to monitor her son’s engagement with his father, so does he not get influenced.

Michy who was on Joy Prime’s Gee Spot show when asked about the status of her relationship with the ‘Gringo’ hitmaker stated that they are co-parenting—Well, we know they are back again but perhaps she wants to take things slow this time around.

Majesty, his baby with Michy

The host was curious and wanted to know what she meant by that statement and asked her if Majesty gets to spend a week with Wale, then perhaps a week with her as well but she explained saying that, he only goes to visit his dad for some hours and even that, she supervises those visiting hours.

“Eeerrmm not a whole week but he has visiting hours, supervised visiting hours. Because you see, men are men, and I’m training my child in a way that I don’t want him to just see this side and go like ‘I want to be this, daddy is like this, I want to be this’. He likes it, he is active so he is attracted to it….So I will not let them spend too much time together.”

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Michy explained that, its not because she feels their son will be influenced negatively but she also wants to make sure he’s exposed to other things aside just seeing his father do music all the time.

“Since he was born, the only thing he has seen and heard is music, stage and recording and all that, that is the only thing he will ever see if I allow it to go on.”–Michy added.

Watch the video interview below:

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