‘Shatta Wala Will Get An Award If He And His Management Follow The Process’-Nii Ayite Hammnond

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The bad blood between organisers of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards seems to have been dampened following a statement issued by Nii Ayite Hammond, the new public relation officer of the VGMA board concerning why the Dancehall King has been sidelined.

Shatta Wale embarked on a personal crusade a couple of years ago to help restore sanity to the eroding credibility of the scheme albeit using offensive methods. He recorded a video where he vilified the organisers especially the CEO Theresa Ayaode. He then followed it up with diss a song which was mostly enjoyed by his fans. Since then the artiste has been in the bad books of organisers.

It therefore came as a surprise when Nii Ayite Hammond, during a radio interview said the VGMA board have always listed Shatta Wale for nomination but he has never submitted entries.

Revealing the process involved in the nominations, the PRO said the VGMA board conducts its own market survey and the second process is for the artist to submit entries for consideration.

Touching on the insults hurled at them by the artiste, Nii said they don’t dwell on trivialities hence do not hold any grudge against Shatta Wale.

It seems Chaterhouse has extended an olive branch to Shatta Wale and we think it will be in his best interest to accept it.






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