Shatta Wale And His Fans Have Nothing To Offer; I Will Chose Death Over Joining Them Again-Angry Kumawood Actress Nora

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A former SM fan who is also an actress has expressed disgust at the behavior of some of the SM fans, something which has pushed her to denounce her love for the SM group.

The lady who is known as Nora Frimpong Manso aka Nora Ur-Majesty in the movie industry has said that she would rather choose to join her ancestors than to be a part of the SM group. According to her, she asked a simple question on her Facebook page and she got threats and insults from her former group.

Nora Frimpong Manso and her son Google Banda

The actress who is married and recently named her son ‘Google’ wrote on Facebook:

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Just recently I made a post on my facebook page that ” Does all the #Aboboyaa belongs to Shatta Wale “? Because I always see his stickers on it. I got death threatening messages, calls and insults from his fans. I didn’t mean to offend them because I am even part of the SM fans.

Through my post, I’ve come to realise that Shatta and his Bunker fans have nothing good to offer this country so I am out of that Booze SM family.

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I wanna tell his filthy and Barbaric fans to read and understand before they comment on issues…@nora_ur_majesty

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