Shatta Wale & Bull Dog Replies Samini After He Dissed Him In His New Song “Vex Madd”

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It appears the feud between Samini and Shatta Wale is never going to end and just when we all thought their beef had cooled down for a while, Samini has released a new song titled “Vex Madd” using Drake’s instrumentals of “Back 2 Back”

Although he did not mention Shatta Wale’s name in the song, it’s no science to know that based on the lyrics, he was talking about the dancehall king. If you cannot relate to the lyrics and know he was talking about Shatta, then you have not been in Ghana.

In the song, Samini mocked Shatta Wale so much that, Shatta Wale couldn’t bear it and had also replied him on Twitter. 

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Samini said “If I don’t Hip, them no go Hop… If I don’t Spit, them no go chop… If I wan sit, them gonna have to stand quick cos the King is back to take this for good”

 Listen To The Song Below:

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In a tweet, Shatta tweeted “right now some dancehall artiste is copying @Paedeezy style ..confused poppy…am on my grind..ade shinebig fool…”

“if u vex blame your motherf*cker….Aboa Korti…”

But then, Shatta Wale was not the only one who got furious about Samini’s track, his manager, Bull Dog also in a Facebook Post, wrote 

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Please, why #‎VEX when you can have #‎SEX. #VEX causes stress, #SEX reduces stress and it’s productive. #‎spreadthelove #‎sikanhyira

Well, it’s just started and we are certain, Shatta Wale, will also definitely release a track in no time to properly reply Samini.



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