Shatta Wale Explains Why He Refused To Apologise To Yvonne Nelson

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Yesterday, exclusively broke out the news about how Yvonne was disappointed in Shatta Wale, because, according to her one of the bodyguards of Shatta Wale pushed her, when they were coming and she nearly smashed on the ground if not for the timely support Bismark The Joke granted her.

The news, we broke exclusively went viral on several blogs and websites in Ghana, to the extend that Shatta reacted to it, mentioning that, he’s excited Yvonne Nelson was keeping her in the news.

Now moments later, DJ Iyce of Happy Fm, in a phone interview with Shatta Wale, got him to explain what really transpired.

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Reacting to reports that were making rounds Shatta told the show hosted by Dr. Cann.

“Yvonne Nelson is rather trying to say something that I don’t know anything about. That I pushed her when we were going to the 4syte Music Video Awards because I saw my bodyguards push her and I saw her and didn’t say anything.

“We were entering into the conference center and I had like four security people around me and I got some interviews on the red carpet. So basically when we were entering, I didn’t know who was standing where and I was just entering inside so I didn’t see if they pushed anybody.  The fans were all around me and so if someone had pushed you it wouldn’t be my security because they know every celebrity in Ghana.

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“Later on, I saw her with Bismark the Joke and I jokingly told him; ‘Don’t talk to my wife’ but in front of the people, she was like ‘I’m disappointed in you’ I was like Yvonne ‘Why?, if something like this has indeed happened, just pull me aside and whisper into my ears but why say it in front of all these people, she replied ‘No, your boys pushed me and you didn’t try, I’m disappointed in you. I asked which of my boys because I came with a few people and my wife.

“When she was talking there were a whole lot of people around us. It was at the car park at the conference center.  It was so embarrassing. I just told her she should know how to talk because we are all in the same arts industry. So if you want to address an issue, just pull me back and whisper into my ear like ‘Oh Wale, I think Bla blah… but don’t start shouting around saying my boys… my boys…

“And this is when I got out to change my attire for my performance, my fans were around me and following me and so if you shout my boys… my boys, I just came with four security guards. But she was she still saying No… no… to my explanations.”

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Well, now you know, we were not exaggerating and we told you exactly what happened there. The other thing, we didn’t tell you yesterday was that, after Yvonne had been pushed and she was complaining, each of the bodyguards of Shatta, would ask Yvonne in an authoritative voice “Is it me? and a shaking Yvonne, would respond “No”

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