Shatta Wale Goes Bonkers And Attacks Serwaa Amihere

During a discussion on the Ghanaian entertainment industry on Twitter Space, Serwaa Amihere, a media personality from Ghana, and Shatta Wale, a dancehall performer, engaged into a furious disagreement.

On the panel discussion titled “The Big Conversation with Shatta Wale on Ghana’s Music Industry,” a member of the audience questioned Shatta Wale about his criticism of the industry’s music producers for not funding their own endeavors.

One of the participant asked, “I want to know, Shatta Wale, with his craft, how he shoots quality videos for himself? All he does is talk about people.”

Feeling insulted by the questioning, Shatta Wale exploded, shouting, “My friend, shut up there!” Who are you to talk about people? Who are you for me to talk about? Don’t be stupid. Serwaa, let me tell you, have I spoken about this boy before? Has he spoken to me before? He can fuck*ng not say that about people” 

The host, Serwaa Amihere, attempted to bring Shatta Wale to order by threatening to mute him if he didn’t stop ranting. “Shatta Wale, I can mute you”. And Shatta Wale, who was having none of it, shot back, “Serwaa, if you tell me, you will mute me again; I will cut myself.”

They discussed a wide range of topics, including the state of the entertainment industry as a whole and the dancehall artist’s attitude to online trolls.

When the host questioned the dancehall musician’s practice of constantly removing internet haters, the musician became enraged.

“You Serwaa, I don’t think when people insult you, you will like the person. You will block the person for the rest of your life. They are putting up confusion about me all the time; the blogs are always talking about me anyhow. I was at the other side, teaching them that I can come to them at anytime so we can resolve our differences.”

Listen to Shatta Wale’s rants below;


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