Shatta Wale Has Apologized For Insulting My Mom But We Haven’t Settled Our Issue Yet – Andy Dosty

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Shatta Wale apologized to him for disrespecting his mother, according to Ghanaian media personality Andy Dosty.

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This comes after Andy’s abrupt interruption during a discussion on his Hitz FM show when a listener texted in to say that the new album from the “Taking over” hit Maker was performing well but that no one was talking about it, especially Andy.

“I love my mother, and I won’t speak ill of anyone’s mother; she raised me well. If you don’t have sense, I do. If you don’t respect, don’t come here. The woman who gave birth to me has lived a good life and has a good place to live” Andy Dosty had said.

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Andy Dosty has recently disclosed that Shatta has channelled an apology to him.

In a recent discussion he had with Sally Mane and DJ Slim, Andy Dosty stated that, Shatta Wale has called to apologize but they are not done solving the issue.

‘‘All I can say is we have spoken, he called someone in high authority and the person called me, so he himself could not talk to me, but rather did that through someone else and we spoke for almost fifty something minutes and this person also expressed certain things I do personally which he does not like.

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“I have spoken to my mum and she was like, oh we are brothers and so we should not let this go far,’’ Andy said.


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