You know when this whole issue of Shatta Wale and the Nigerians, started we predicted that, Shatta Wale was going to definitely drop a diss song and just, as usual, he’s done it with a new song titled ‘Disaster’ and it’s  just crazy.

If you don’t get what is happening, then you should read the below article to catch up with the drama.

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Seriously, we don’t know why some Nigerians have decided to attack Shatta Wale for expressing his honest opinion and in this ‘diss song’ Shatta Wale reiterates that he does not see Wizkid as a superstar and goes ahead to tell the Nigerians to watch him take over Africa.

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We don’t know how long this beef is going to last but from the look of things, Shatta Wale is not backing down anytime soon.

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