Shatta Wale Just Embarrassed Michy Again After Ibrah Claimed He’s Bonked Her + Calls Ibrah’s New Wife An Ashawo & MORE

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Shatta Wale and Ibrah are two grown-ass men but acting like 6-year-old girls on Social media and it’s becoming nauseating reading how they keep disrespecting women just to prove their penistical point.

Shatta Wale found the perfect time to get back at Ibrah for all those negative things he’s been saying about him and so when naked pictures of Ibrah 1 was leaked, he took advantage of it and rained all sorts of insults on him, to the point of describing the size as that of a safety pin.—What people should is that Ibrah’s penis was in its flaccid state and that the size of any penis in its flaccid state changes depending on time and other conditions.

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Ibrah on the other hand who feels he’s not got a safety pin kind of thing, decided to get back at Shatta Wale by revealing that he’s bonked his ex, Michy before and so Wale should ask Michy about the real size when it was erected–Of course, no man wants his penis to be ridiculed like that.

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As to whether Ibrah has truly bonked Michy before or not, it’s a question we must wait on the gods for answers but it appears his revelation did not surprise Shatta Wale at all.

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Shatta Wale who does not have any self-respect for himself dragged Michy’s face right in the gutter with his response to Ibrah’s claim.

He replied Ibrah by saying “Ibe you go tell me Michy matter.. woman wey her naked pictures deh on waiting list on people dema phone that will soon be released like ur own, u deh tell me about am”

See that screenshot below:

Shatta Wale went ahead to state that, Ibrah’s new wife has been bonked several times by boys and sometimes even in an orgy.

Then he goes ahead suggest that Michy is a prostitute just like Ibrah’s wife and that for him, he didn’t marry his but Ibrah is the one who wasted his time to marry an ‘Ashawo’

This is just below the belt from both Ibrah and Shatta Wale.


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