Shatta Wale seen kissing Spanish woman passionately purportedly to be his new girlfriend amidst break-up with Elfreda- Watch

Shatta Wale obviously comes across as one who does not waste time after he immediately filled the vacuum left by Elfreda who he broke up with recently by getting a replacement in the shape of this new woman.

In a video shared by GHHYper, Shatta Wale was seen kissing the woman whose identity still remains a mystery in the meantime, passionately- the same way he did with his immediate former girlfriend Elfreda that ended in tears just a few weeks later.

The woman is said to be Spanish according to the rumour encircling the video on social media.

Meanwhile, the lady who apparently came prepared to rock Wale’s romantic world gave her backside to him and ‘grinded’ him seductively while opana savoured the moment.

We just hope this one equally does not end up in the drain and be fraught with animosity thereafter.


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