Shatta Wale Is The Realest And Most Handsome Musician In Ghana-Wiyaala

Noella Wiyaala is one of the very few Ghanaian personalities who speak their mind without any hesitation.

She was  featured in Salma Mumin’s No Man’s Land which was premiered last weekend at the Silverbird Cinemas. caught up with Wiyaala in an exclusive interview at the movie premiere and the energetic musician confessed she is in a relationship with someone whom she is getting to know very well but wouldn’t want to rush into things.

Asked about the reports which went viral some few days ago about herself and Shatta Wale,Wiyaala confessed she wouldn’t have second thoughts  accepting the dancehall king’s proposal.

“I will accept Shatta Wale’s proposal kpakpakpa,unless he is married because I don’t want to be a second wife”. Speaking on her thoughts about  Shatta Wale as an artiste,she hastily said ” He is original,doing his thing and being himself.When he is on stage,he is Shatte Wale and he is a different person off-stage”.

“He might have problems with other people,hence we all not perfect and that’s what makes the music industry boring but at the end of the day,I know there is this side of him that is very gentle. He is very handsome and hot.I also love his hair” . Her last words to the dancehall king is to keep moving higher since he has got lots of potentials.

Wiyaala’s latest video “Leno” is out. She has several videos she will be releasing this year and promised to blow the mind of Ghanaians with her works.

Watch her latest video here:



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