When news emerged that a prophet has predicted that Shatta Wale is the next celeb to die just, a colleague of mine said the prophet has bitten the wrong meat.

And he’s absolutely right! Shatta Wale has demonstrated ever years that he’s the no-nonsense type and frankly speaking this is one of the reasons why he is held in high esteem.

In relation to the prophet’s prediction, the Freedom hitmaker has asked the President, Nana Akufo Addo to protect his life because he has been threatened.

According to him, if the Pastor who predicted his death thinks he is a man of God, he should meet him so he proves to him that he is also anointed by the Holy Ghost and that the Pastor is a thief and not a man of God.

Shatta Wale has thus served a notice to the President of Ghana to come to his aid before a ‘thief and murderer’ takes his life.

He said:

Mr. President I’m being threatened, my life is at stake and I can’t wait for a Pastor to go to a shrine to come and prove a point. I want to prove a point about who God is.

You see this Pastor, if you have power come and look for me otherwise I will come and show you power mightier than your church, mightier than your car, mightier than your house, mightier than your entire family and generation.

Pastor you stepped on a wrong tail. I won’t even call you a Pastor, I will call you a thief and a murderer. You people killed Ebony.

The Dancehall artiste also called on Ghana Police to investigate the Pastor in the coming days otherwise he and his SM squad will star burning churches in the country.