Tuesday, December 1, 2020

This Is How Shatta Wale Said He Met Nana Appiah Mensah & Why He Decided To Join Zylofon Media (More Photos )

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So it’s now a done deal! Shatta Wale is now under the management of Zylofon Music and would be managed, his content marketed and distributed and his productions would all be done by the giant 360 entertainment company for the next 3 years.

Shatta Wale looked super dope today and expressed his excitement when he spoke to the press. He mentioned that, he had always dreamt of being signed under a label oneday and now it’s a dream come true for him.

Shatta Wale has signed onto to Zylofon Music for a 3 year contract

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Interestingly, Shatta Wale while speaking to the press disclosed the circumstances under which he met Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM 1.

According to the dancehall artiste,  there was one time he had to disguise himself to take a drive through town as he was feeling tired from all the work he’s doing as an artiste and did not use his car’s number plate, so fans don’t spot him in town.

He narrated:

“You know there was this time, I was feeling sick and tired from all of the work that I put into my business and that day, I decided to leave my boys in the studio and drive around town, disguised to release some of the stress, then all of a sudden, I felt like vomiting and so I parked my car and started vomiting, then all of a sudden, someone flashes a head light on me, a man comes out to me and asks if I was Ok and if there was anything, he could do to help me. He offered to take me to the pharmacy to get me some drugs and then take me to the hospital. I was in a cap, so I raised my face only for him, to realise it was me, Shatta Wale. He wanted to help me even when he had not noticed I was Shatta. He still offered to assist me get home and took my number, so he could check up on me.”

“We then started talking and became friends, then oneday he told me, he doesn’t want me to get tired anymore, so I should join his company so he takes care of things”

Well, that’s what Shatta Wale said but it all sounds like some Kwaku Ananse Story! Share your thoughts on this in comments.

See More Photos From The Unveiling Of Shatta Wale By Zylofon Music.

Boss Boss!

When Shatta Wale rememered the SMS alert for the receipt of $1 million out of $3 million from Zylofon Media

Yes, the boss lady herself was at the high table. She’s being treated like a queen.

Samuel Atoubi Baah aka Sammy Flex

The Rich Neggar. Kofi Boat in the building!

Pope Skinny!

Kumi Guitar and Too Sweet Annan

Yes, the 3 bosses

Chale, thanks for signing me wai



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