Shatta Wale settles beat theft confusion between Possigee and Shawerz Ebiem (Video)

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Ghanaian young and multi-talented music producer Shawers Ebiem has made some strange and shocking revelations about a rumoured beat theft accusations between him and his senior colleague producer Possi Gee.

This follows rumours which went viral that he( Shawers Ebiem) had accused his senior colleague producer and sound engineer Possi Gee of stealing his beat.

Speaking in an interview with Samuel Atuobi Baah known as Sammy Flex on “Showbiz Agenda” on Accra based radio station Zylofon FM 102.1, the beat producer pointed out that he never accused Possigee of stealing his (Ayoo) beat which was just a rumour that Possigee should have found out from him.

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According to him, he produced the beat so he doesn’t see the reason why he (Possigee) should be offended when he (Shawers Ebiem) says he produced the beat.

“No, I never said he stole my beat. It was just rumours which he should have asked me. I went to his studio with my cousin to mix his song and I told him, oh big bro I get some beat and he made me play it. The beat didn’t even play for 2 minutes and he removed his phone. He didn’t even tell me that he was calling Shatta.

If he says I saw the email he sent Shatta Wale, it is a lie. I never knew he was calling Shatta. When the song came out and my name wasn’t mentioned, the guys in my area got agitated because they were witnesses to the beat I produced.

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It was actually my area guys and his guys who were talking about the beat but I never stood anywhere and talked about him stealing my beat” Shawers Ebiem narrated.

He further stated that he never told Possigee that he should dedicate any award to him in case the “Ayoo” song gets an award but it was he (Possigee) who told him so.

According to the “Dem confuse” producer, when he told Possigee that the media was calling him to find out who really produced the beat, Possigee instructed him to tell the media that it was he( Possigee) who produced it but he( Shawers Ebiem) just wanted to to make a headline out of it.

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When he was asked by the host Sammy Flex about how he lost business connections because the production credit wasn’t given to him, he said: “oh yeah I lost business connections. The song was a hit and very big one so I think people would have loved to work with me but because my name wasn’t mentioned, I couldn’t get them.

I don’t add that song to my biggest songs because my name was not on it. Possigee can take the royalties if he is interested” he added.

In addition to this, he stated that he even knelt down to beg Possigee to forgive him when they visited his studio after the incident.

“I posted on my social media handle giving myself credit for the production and later deleted it. I even called him to tell him that I had posted something and if he had seen it, he should forgive me” he explained.

Meanwhile, speaking to dancehall king Shatta Wale on phone on the show, he pointed out that Possigee never indicated in his mail that the beat was produced by Shawers Ebiem.

”Sammy, If I say Possigee added to the mail that the beat was produced by Shawers Ebiem, I will be a liar. He didn’t tell me that so I thought he produced it because he has been sending me a couple of beats. I think he made a mistake so he should just admit to it if not the small boy will feel bad” Shatta Wale concluded.



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