Shatta Wale Should Do A Different Video For “My Level”; The Current Video Is Poor – Former FIPAG PRO, Ola

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The wait is finally over as Shatta Wale has dropped the official music video for his monster hit track “My Level” which was directed by Sesan.

Truth be told, to you don’t need to be a fan of Shatta Wale to admire that rhythm as well as the lyrical content of the song under scrutiny. Simply put, “My Level” is such a huge song out there and each time it comes on, one can’t resist singing along it.

Yes! “Maybe today anor get nothing, but tomorrow ago get something, and I go buy motor for Mama oooo”—-Who doesn’t love this song huh?

The music video starts with Shatta Wale coming out of his old East Legon building holding a bottle of Storm Energy drink, then he’s handed a set of ballons by one little girl perhaps a daughter of one big SM fan. Fast forward, Shatta starts levitating into the sky with his ballon.

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Now, most people including pundits have expressed their opinions about the video right after its release on social media. Whiles others are not so happy with the concept of the footage under scrutiny, others especially fans of Shatta Wale are very okay with everything.

Among those who’re not happy with the visual concept of “My Level” is Ola Michael, former Public Relations Officer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG).

Ola Michael
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In the rightful thinking of Ola Michael who doubles as showbiz critic, Shatta Wale should hire another creative director and shoot another video for “My Level” for the current one is a bad project.

“Pay better people to develop better concept especially for a hit song like my Level!”, Ola posted on his Facebook timeline.

Writing on his Facebook wall to share his candid opinion on the footage, Ola Micheal argued that Shatta as well as the video director, Sesan got everything wrong in reference to the concept of the video especially the balloons scene.

Read his full post on Facebook bellow:

“The balloons couldn’t levitate a girl with lesser body mass but levitates a grown up man? Isn’t that suggesting the girl has an edge over the grown up Shatta?

“I don’t know what they wanted to achieve with the concept but I think they should delete and do a better video.
Did the director watch kyeiwah? Even that the flying witch exhibited the change in atmospheric air speed

“But our king is levitating, supermaning all around and the air speed remains still in all? Pay better people to develop better concept especially for a hit song like my Level! If u no dey gree, go suck up korle lagoon.


Screenshot attached:

Source || Adu Sarpeah || GHBase•Com ||

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