Shatta Wale needs to get a hit song in 2018 and so far he’s struggling to get a hit song in 2018 after joining Zylofon Music for a $3 million deal contract. Many people were of the opinion that, Shatta Wale would find it difficult to release hit songs now that he’s joined the multi-million dollar record label.

Some few days ago, Shatta Wale dropped a new song titled ‘Dukui’ and the song sounds like he was very tired when he was recording it. There was no energy in the song and it didn’t sound like the Shatta Wale we know looking at the kind of hit songs he dropped in 2017, 2016 and even 2015.

Although his fans are hoping this becomes Champion’s first 2018 hit song, it almost looks like an impossible feat for the dancehall king.

Recall sometime last year, Shatta Wale vented his anger on YFM for playing more foreign songs on their station and at the time, there was this particular foreign song that was being played, and Shatta Wale mimicked it, and asked why YFM, was playing that song that could attract mosquitoes from Brazil to Ghana.

The song has a particular rhythm and one can hear that ‘tor, tor tor’ sound if you pay attention to it.

Well, Shatta Wale after criticising YFM for playing such foreign songs and making fun of the song has taken some inspiration from that same song.

You will hear that ‘tor, tor, tor’ sound similarity in his new song ‘Dukui’ with just a slight variation in the sound pattern.

To notice it, check out the original song below:


Now Listen to the song being played on YFM sometime ago below and you will spot that pattern similarity:

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