Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Shatta Wale’s Father Says His Son Was A Product Of A Hot Afternoon Jam Plus Discloses His Real Age (Video)

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Shatta Wale’s father, Shatta Capo was in the studios of Hitz FM today to speak on the prophecies concerning his son that he would die if the nation does not pray for him. Shatta Capo revealed in the interview that, his son is “undieable” and described such prophecies as doom and that the God he serves will not allow such prophecies to pass.

Well, in his interview, he revealed something quite interesting and we just couldn’t keep it all to ourselves. Shatta Capo revealed that Shatta Wale was produced as a result of an afternoon ‘jam’ and that explains why he looks like him.

That’s not all, he also mentioned in the interview that, Shatta Wale spent close to 13 months in his mother’s womb instead of the usual 9 months, and that alone proves that his son is truly blessed and has a special mission to achieve on earth.

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He stated on the show that his son, Shatta Wale was born on 17th October 1982 and it’s got us a bit confused as Shatta Wale has made us believe he’s 33 years and that’s the age on his Wikipedia page, that he was born on 17th October 1984.

Well, no one could tell the right date one was born better than their parents, so we would just settle on 1982 as the year the dancehall king was born and not 1984 as Wikipedia says.

So come October 17th, Shatta Wale would be 36 years old!

We must say that Shatta Capo shares similar traits with his son and listening to him on radio gave us that prove.

You might want to watch the full interview below:



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