Shatta Wale had the worst musical performance of his career at the GN Bank Awards last night. Performing with a live band can be very complex and tricky for an artist which demands technique, style and delivery to excel and appeal to audience. Majority of dance-hall art are masters of the live band and it demands such quality. Could that be the reason why Shata Wale decided to haul up the challenge to prove his critics wrong and make a statement concerning his VGMA’s axe and why he is self-proclaimed the “Dance-Hall king”.

It was quite miserable and embarrassing for dignitaries who witnessed his performance last night even to the extent of some leaving their seat and the auditorium because they couldn’t bear any longer. takes a look at his musical resurgence,triumphant return and why his career is under threat in the near future.

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr  A.K.A Shata Wale is one of the most outspoken and controversial artist Ghana has ever had. Formerly known as Bandana, his sudden rise back into the music industry in 2013 attracted huge following which re-created his musical breakthrough.

He heavily descended on events outfit Charter House after he failed to win the music “Reggae Dance Hall song of the year” award at the 2013 Ghana music awards. He even went ahead with series of songs titled “Letter to Charter House” which had deepened vulgar lyrics to further jab at the events outfit. One of them had unprintable adjectives to describe the genitals of Kaakie, the artist he eventually lost the award to. Even with his lyrical insults, he was so anticipated by the media which propelled his greatest song hit in 2013 “dancehall king”.

He had a spectacularly fulfilling year prior to the VGMA’s in 2014 travelling to every part of the country performing at almost every show and being the headline act at all major events. He had the country on it’s toes anytime he performed which even compelled Charter House to invite him for their shows.

After seven months of bad blood with Charter House, Shata Wale publicly apologized during his performance  at the 2013 Ghana Rocks concert at the Accra International Conference Center. He invited George Quaye PRO of Charter House on stage whiles performing a short version of his performance “letter to Charter House”. He said ” I really want to apologize to Charter house because i never knew they love me so much……… Tell them Shata Wale sorry not that i want an award but i feel we have to continue. I love you people”. A surprised crowd who were upstanding and a stunned George Quaye in a reaction replied “You know, i think this is a big surprise and is one the matured things I’ve seen this gentleman do. Ladies and gentlemen………. We accept your apology”. That was an indication  of a move which many considered as opportunistic as it coincided with the 2014 nomination of the VGMA’s. As it turned out, 2014 was a year he received a collection of awards after a stellar preceding year.

He had an enormous seventeen nominations in different awards schemes and won nine of them. The most notable was being crowned “Artist of the year” at the 2014 VGMA’s. This however exposed him to several deals and became the number one target of most brands since he attracted a huge following. It was just right for him to earn all these achievement and deals especially when he seemed to be gathering momentum and respect. He failed to appear at the VGMA’s to claim his awards and perform on stage as expectant with reasons that, Charter House were not ready to pay his performing act and even showed evidence of a whats-app conversation he had with George Quaye demanding GH¢70,000. However, he turned up at the venue after being crowned the winner for “Artist of the year” which many regarded as disrespect towards the music industry. Patrons jabbed at Charter House after they paid ticket to watch him perform.

The feud with Charter House sparkled again after posting videos on his Facebook page accusing them of corruption, dishonesty and other claims. Charter House sued him for defamatory conduct but the case is yet to be resolved in court. He is also on record to have described the Ghanaian media as the most foolish sets of journalists he ever came across- an insulting statement backed by his manager Bull Dog. His rise to fame also propagated a never ending seeming beef with another Challenging “Dance-hall King” Samini.

As things stand now, Shatta Wale is no part of the 2015 VGMA’s which he refers as the “season for hungry artist”. Some sections of the media have subjected him to public scrutiny and have condemned his demeanor. Even some media houses have secretly chosen not to play his songs and videos on the air waves as a measure to obscure indiscipline and avoid public backlash. According to close sources, event organizers now ponder when considering artistes for their events and shows which initially always had Shatta Wale as an easy pick. With Shatta Wale likely to loose out this year on other awards schemes as well due to his outspoken vulgar language,lack of air play and forever ending feud with Charter House and other artist, it is most likely 2015 and the foreseeable future could place Shatta ‘s music career under serious threat. He claims he doesn’t need awards as evidence for his success but he was very pleased and seemed more excited after winning best male artist last night at the GN Bank Awards; even free-styled some days earlier for the awards scheme on you-tube probably to throw more jabs at Charter House and the VGMA’s.

The VGMA’s is the biggest platform for any Ghanaian artist to propel his or her musical career. Regardless the allegations of corruption, nepotism and prejudice been heaped on Charter House by artistes, it remains the prestigious setting in their musical career. Winning Awards certainly attract several brands and lucrative deals whiles it also enhances identity and recognition.

Shatta Wale better solves whatever feud he has with Charter House, apologize and show respect to the Ghanaian media whiles he also works on his self-discipline. There are two circumstances that lead to arrogance: one is when you’re wrong and you can’t face it; the other is when you’re right and nobody else can face it. I hope Shatta Wale isn’t making the wrong move.

Watch His Abysmal Performance At The GN Bank Awards Below

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