Shatta Wale’s Son, The Next Biggest News Anchor As He Displays His Reading Skills

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Shatta Wale’s son, Majesty despite the wish and assumption of many that he will take up his father’s mantle might not go that way.

Gone are the days when parents forced their children to ply the same trade as them, that is if you’re a farmer you will train your child to be a farmer, nowadays the children have been given that freedom to choose what they will like to be.

Majesty, Shatta Wale’s son with his reading skills could be one of the biggest news anchor’s in the world and not probably a full time musician like his dad.

A video shared by Mitchy, Shatta Wale’s baby mama show Majesty displaying sone very impressive reading skills with accent and command on the English language. This is not the first time he has displayed such skills, he did similar during lockdown when he urged people to observe the coronavirus protocols.

Video below;


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