Shatta’s Wife Michy Has Opened Her New Pub But Ara B & Others Are Ridiculing It Because It’s A ‘Container Pub’

Shatta Wale’s wife Michy has opened a new pub in the East Legon environs and it’s known as the ‘Diamonds Pub & Grill’. She made the announcement on Social media days ago and invited people to come and have fun. Shatta Wale also shared the flyer design for the launch on his Social media account.

The pub was officially opened yesterday, 31st March, 2017 and we gather some fans were there to patronise it but there’s something to her new pub and some people have started mocking her already on Social media, this website has observed.

Ara B, the dancehall prince who had to spend days in police cells for calling Michy some unprintable adjectives poked fun at her pub when he posted a photo of the place on his Facebook wall asking fans to meet him at Diamonds pub aka ‘Container Lifestyle’ as he called the place.

In his subtle post jab at Michy, he attached a picture of the place during day time and reading through the comments on the post, one could understand why he’s mocking Michy but this time around he’s been careful on the words he used–No one enjoys spending some days in police cells.

He’s not the only one who’s mocked Michy’s new pub but several others whom, we cannot attach their posts in our story as it would made it too long to read.

From what we observed, people are asking why she would open a Container pub especially when she bragged recently on radio about her husband’s $1 million dollar mansion.

People are not mocking her just because it’s a container pub but because they expected something far better and bigger than a container pub.

People were  expecting something magnificent in nature. But do these people even have a point?

Well, we cannot conclude or say for them. We are only telling you what others are saying about her new pub on Social media.

Michy posted some nice shots of the place on her Instagram and it was not that bad.

See a video of the place at night time.

#diamondspub set up?? it’s gonna be a good night. Thank you Lord

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In everything seek God first?? we’re officially open for business #Diamondspub ?

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