“She Is Peerless In Conducting Interviews In Ghana”; Netizen Left In Awe Of Delay’s Dexterity

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Delay is in no doubt one of the best interviewers in the country this moment, and to be interviewed by the seasoned journalist is akin to being in a hot seat where you do not know what you’re going to be hit with.

She’s interviewed almost every headline entertainment personality in the country and they will all attest to the dexterity with which she puts across questions to them.

This has made her “The Delay Show” a favourite show for entertainment freaks in the country because your favourite celebrity who comes on the show is going to be asked just about every question you’d have in your mind.

A netizen who has been left in awe of how effortlessly Delay does her interviews could not hold but to praise her.

He called Delay a legend when it comes to interviews and that no one comes close to her because she is peerless in that aspect.

“I swear Nobody comes close to Delay when it comes to interview oo in Ghana … Herrr Delay y3 Legend hands down!

Just finished watching her interview with Ogidi Brown..

Very interesting paa o every question I was expecting from delay she just pop up all,”  the netizen wrote on Twitter.





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