She is shouting like a cow for safety- Georgina Onuoha mercilessly tears Chioma Akpotha into pieces for crying over election violence

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Georgina Onuoha has rebuked Chioma Akpotha for lamenting over the mistakes made in her polling location on February 25.

Chioma Akpotha earlier expressed her outrage over the violence in her voting section during an Instagram live video. In her response, Georgina detailed how Chioma had snuck into her direct message (DM) during the 2019 General Election and asked her to stop sharing posts criticizing the deception and violence in some parts of the country.

Chioma allegedly counselled Georgina to think carefully about her business because such posts might be harmful to it. Chioma unfollowed her after she claimed her counsel didn’t go over well.

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When the election violence this time around directly impacted her, Georgina noticed that Chioma was yelling like a cow. She berated Chioma for showing courage, compassion, and understanding only when it directly affects her.

See her lengthy post;

“I know many may wonder why I am posting this now or speaking about it now after four years. Well today’s situation was a reminder of how she mocked others privately and minimized their sufferings. But she felt the need to scream today because she was directly affected. You do not only show bravery or compassion or empathy only when it affects you directly.

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So this is Chioma screaming at the top of her lungs.

I hope she is safe. I wish her well and I pray her vote counts. That being said this same person Chioma had the temerity 4 years ago to tell me that my post will create riots and that the election was safe and free. Meanwhile, Monalisa posted videos of people being killed in her hometown of Rivers State and was calling on security agents to intervene.

There were various videos of thugs attacking people and carting away with ballot boxes. If you all remember vividly one thug in Okoya was almost killed by voters in Lagos when he tried snatching ballots.

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While I was posting those updates, Chioma Akpotha felt the need to tell me to stop. That u have a brand to protect and that I should say the election was peaceful.

She will never forget my responses to ti her and she unfollowed me and I blocked her as well. It is incumbent to end friendships with people who lack or sell their integrity and dignity for a few personal gains, I cut you off.

Many of our celebrities are compromised. They are all about their brands and stomach infrastructure.

Fast forward today, here she is shouting like a cow for safety.

And I bet the last four years have not favored her hence the change of heart. I am glad she had this experience today but came out safe. I wish her well and I hope she learns from this experience that you can not be in bed with the devil and have the moral authority to call it out.

When you see injustice in society. Call out. Daring sugar quote it. Don’t only scream when it affects you directly. Scream when it affects others as well. So Chioma I forgive your ineptitude of 4 years ago”.


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